The Moon is the next step in our space exploration. Mars is a planet on which we might be able to live one day.

The technological advances necessary to explore and live on the Moon and on Mars will help support and improve life on Earth, extend life, create a better world and protect the future of our species. If we learn to terraform Mars, the technology necessary to do so will be also used to protect and save Earth.

Astrobiology brings the perspective of who we are in the grand scheme of the Universe by asking the questions:

What is life?

Where else in the Universe can we find it?

What is the future of humankind?

The next generation of space explorers are born now. They are the leaders of tomorrow. Each of us can contribute to make Earth a better place and make the difference in the world.

Our Moon-Mars Explorer Programme takes these big questions to the class room. When astronauts go to space they see Earth as a blue marble from where borders are not visible. They come back from space transformed, aware of the fragility and uniqueness of our planet.

Our programme is designed to bring the cosmic perspective to the world we live in, and show what knowledge we need for a future in which humankind will thrive rather than just survive. We teach skills for a better tomorrow.

Join one of our programmes and get inspired on how to build an amazing tomorrow.

Seeds in Space

Grow plants like an astronaut.

In 2021, basil seeds are flown to the International Space Station to grow there in microgravity. Schools in New Zealand have the opportunity to organise a ground experiment with seeds from the same batch and compare results.

Learn astronomy online

Use telescopes from Chile and the Canary Islands and get 24/7 access to a wealth of astronomy lessons, quizzes and an amazing community.

Learn about Mars

Come see our Mars exhibition at Stonehenge Aotearoa and learn all about Mars.

Venture with us beyond Earth!

Watch here the official NASA video of Perseverance landing on Mars



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