Our Board

The New Zealand Astrobiology Network is a registered charity, run by a board of trustees. NZAN partners with academic institutions and research agencies to advance education, research, understanding, and awareness of Astrobiology and Human Space exploration and benefit to the community.

Professor Kathleen Campbell

Chair of the Board

Haritina Mogoșanu

Executive Director

Samuel Leske

Director of Strategy and Policy

Advisory to the Board

Dr. Mitchell Schulte

Principal Science Adviser

As a researcher, Mitch has focused primarily on understanding the geology and geochemistry of hydrothermal environments and the microbiological life that inhabits them, with extensive field experience in deep sea hydrothermal vents, Yellowstone National Park, Iceland, and ophiolite terrains in Northern California. 

Research Scientists

Caitlin MacArthur

Research Scientist, Space Physiology



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